Typical Small Size Businesses

We understand all businesses are unique and there is no one-solution-fits-all answer.  However, we frequently find the following:

Very small businesses are often torn between utilising expensive Business IT Support Companies which may be overkill, or smaller Home IT Support people who do not have sufficient skills or experience to support them. 

PQ Services fills this gap by providing the same Professional Quality Services we provide to bigger clients at a cost more suited to smaller companies.  We understand the different problems small companies have and our solutions are designed according to your specific needs.  We frequently find IT is not a core business function and only a small number of staff require access to computers, with a lot of staff undertaking other work.

Any system we implement will be set up efficiently for your size of company and your type of usage – we won’t spend time optimising a system for 10x the number of users you ever envisage; nor will we over complicate anything we put in.  We will keep things as simple as possible to allow you the maximum robustness and ease of future maintenance.

How we can help

For most small companies, most of the projects listed on this site are overkill, but we can still help you.  The types of areas we can help you with are:

  • Fixing Something.  No matter the problem, ask and we’ll tell you if we can help or not.  Such as printers not working, computer not working, or even just someone needing to be shown something
  • Implement and migrate to Office 365 to give you corporate Exchange, SharePoint and Lync functionality without the complexity or cost
  • Setting up IT equipment.  If you have a new computer, new printer, or just want to move stuff around the office – we can do this and ensure it all works afterwards
  • Holiday or Sickness Cover.  If your usual support person is on holiday or off sick, then we can help cover them and ensure your business continues unaffected. 
  • System Audit Report.  We can quickly, and in terms understandable to non techies, tell you what you have, what problems you have or may have in the future, and what you can do to improve your IT systems. We need to understand your business plans and vision to ensure our advice is on par with your expectations.  There is no point for small companies to invest hugely in systems they will never use.
  • Take you to the next level and help you grow  If you see your company growing, we can help you cost effectively start to design your IT systems to take them to the next level.  This can then ensure your IT systems readily allow your company to grow rather than prevent the growth. 
  • Recommend and Set up new equipment.  We do not sell equipment as, due to our size, there is no way we could be competitive.  However, we will recommend any new equipment you may require (e.g. new laptop) – and make cost effective suggestions on supplier to ensure you get the right equipment for you.  We can then set it up in a clean and standard way such that you can just start using it trouble free.  Also, see below
  • System Cleaning and Tuning (including Virus removal). We are able to take an old “messy” computer and manually tune it to optimise start up times and running efficiency, as well as remove any viruses or other unwanted software.  Our manual tuning has saved a fair few customers replacing computers they otherwise thought were too slow.  We do not simply “defrag” – our experience and understanding allows us to delve deep into the running of the system and remove non necessary hooks that slow the computer down.  (Defragging is often used as a technical term by junior IT people as a fix-all.  Nowadays, unless you are doing specific file manipulation defragging seldom makes any significant difference to performance).  Our maintenance also makes sure the system is updated and working correctly, and we can recommend/change anti virus software.  For most normal computer “users” we recommend some approved Free anti-virus software that we can install – and this in itself can save you more than the cost of the tune!  The only reason people recommend paid-for anti virus is that they make money from it.