Why Extra Help is important

Many companies rely on a small internal IT team, either a single person, or a small team of junior/trainees with a qualified team leader.  At times, you may require additional help or support with either a specific problem; or a specific project; or indeed just to brainstorm strategy and discuss what options you should be considering going forward.

Having the ability to confidentially discuss the IT impact of business strategy for such events as mergers or acquisitions, re-locations or site closures with a 3rd party may help aid business strategy and ensure IT can facilitate changes rather than hinder them.

What we can offer

We can offer ourselves to provide as much expert and independent help as you require, from a few hours discussion of options which can aid your business strategies, through to working with you for as long as necessary to both discuss and then work with your existing team to implement any projects as necessary.

Having an understanding of your medium-long term business strategy enables us to provide help and support for current projects whilst ensuring the best approach to take into account possible future plans.

If you have a specific niggling issue, or a project in mind, then we are able to work with you on this as required.

Other Benefits

If we are required to help you with a particular problem, then we can help you to find and fix the root cause and thus prevent it reoccurring.  In some cases we can help you replicate your environment in a lab setting so that off-line diagnosis and resolution tests can be performed.  In these cases, this can automatically feed into a disaster recovery plan for you.

If we are aware of future portential business strategy, then we are able to ensure our discussions, work and recommendations have this in mind.  This can then minimise costs by ensuring any projects require minimal changes to cope with future events, and that systems purchased and projects implemented are specified accordingly