Why Standards and Controls are Important

Standards and control processes can be seen as a chore, but as a company grows and IT complexity increases, the benefits of having standards, controls and processes  can be clearly seen.

Such processes can simplify chores, such as dealing with new user setups.

Processes and controls can also protect the business and the IT team as they operate in set parameters for security sensitive areas – such as accessing eMail accounts and delegating security to various datasets.

Formal controls, such as change control, can also ensure systems remain in a known state; and backups are unchanged and remain in a proven state.  Processes for the checking of backups and recovery can be necessary for CFR21pt11 and SOX compliance.

What we can offer

We can help define new or tune existing procedures and control, simplifying wherever possible, and ensure they are workable in your environment.

We can ensure the IT team have sufficient quality procedures and rules to both protect them and prevent them from being pressured by other staff members, whilst ensuring the business can function.  For example, documented circumstances and necessary authorisation to allow a user to access another users personal area; or for when IT can access someone else’s eMail.

We can also help design initial standards, such as naming standards, networking standards etc for an initial domain build.  These standards can pay dividends as the IT environment grows.

Typical Project Duration

Actual project duration will vary depending on your requirements and what standards are currently in place.  There is no simple way to accurately predict durations until the requirements are known.

Typically, basic discussions and naming standards can be included within other projects.  Defining SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the IT team to have a safe framework to operate in may take 2-3 days.  Full SOPs for an IT team, including change control and backups may take an initial 4-5+ days, or more if there are multiple iterations with the management team.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we should be able to clarify durations.