Why Scripting and Automation is useful

Depending on the company, it is possible that somewhere, someone inside or outside of the IT team has to undertake routine and manual time consuming jobs.  This could be manually copying data from X to Y; exporting and manipulating data from one system and importing into another; creating “x” test users; checking X, Y and Z is working every X minutes etc.

These manual chores both consume expensive human time, and also due to their repetitive nature, they are prone to being neglected or be subjected to human error.

What we can offer

We can automate and script a lot of different things; such as data backup and export; creating objects in Active Directory or other databases; checking the status of various routine jobs.  In the IT world, most things can be automated.

Automation is great, but we can also provide status eMails based on success or failure of the automated tasks, along with any relevant data.  This means you will still see the results and have evidence the automation has run (or not) – and hence it cannot be forgotten about.

There is a balance between time invested in automating something vs. the savings (in time and quality) automation would provide.  We will happily work through scenarios with you.

Other Benefits

With automation, you are assured of the same high quality event happening every time.  It cannot be forgotten, nor can a person make an error during the automation.  It is also possible to leave an audit trail for future reference and implement specific checks along the way that a person may simply glance over.

Typical Project Duration

It is impossible to say how long it would take to automate a task until the scope of the task is determined and it is examined for automation feasibility. 

Depending on the complexity of the task, the amount of error checking required etc, it is possible to take anywhere from 2 hours upwards. 

Realistically, when undertaking automation for previous customers, they may have 5-10 tasks that need automating, and this may take 1-2 days.  Some automation is almost trivial, other automation is more intricate.

In this case, it is imperative we chat in advance to be able to give you an idea of project duration.