Why Remote sites / VPNs are needed

As companys grow in size they may well require other offices in the same location or in distant locations in the UK or abroad.  Remote offices can either be full business entities in their own right, or simply remote sales offices relying on the head office for all core business functions – including IT.

The sharing of information and the collaboration of your teams requires connectivity, either direct (for close sites) or via a wide area private network or VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Nowadays VPN is typically the most suitable and cost effective option.

What we can offer

We are experienced in setting up and connecting remote offices with full connectivity to the head office including allowing full remote IT management which prevents the need for IT staff on the remote site. This includes asset management; systems management; remote desktop support; remote rebuild; remote software deployment etc.

Through use of VPN (Virtual Private Networking over the Internet)  we can implement a remote office at various levels depending on requirements.  This can be simply to allow 10 sales people to have full access to systems, through to 50 or more people requiring their own servers.  We can design in resilient features which ensure business continuity if certain things fail on the remote site which keeps running costs down.

Taking your IT skills into account, we implement business class VPN solutions that you will be able to simply manage and maintain in the future.  Not all companies require complicated Cisco VPN systems that can only be maintained by a qualified Cisco engineer.

Other Benefits

With a full VPN solution in place and the correct domain design and client/application configuration, it is possible for anyone to work anywhere, and thus users can roam between sites as they desire with full data access. 

It is possible to have full remote management and access to remote sites, such that your IT team in your head office can see/take control of any user computer no matter which site they are on.

Backups and data replication can be configured to ensure your data is kept on multiple sites, and that it can be accessed in the event of a single system failing.

Typical Project Duration

Actual project duration will vary depending on your requirement and the current state of your infrastructure.  Some redesign or configuration of your existing setup may be required, and depending on your choice of firewalls, internet link and networking equipment, some changes may also be required.  However we will always endeavour to work with what you have as long as we believe it is capable of providing a quality solution.

The following is based on the last similar project

  • Design and Audit
    We will discuss your current and possible future business requirements and ensure we understand your needs.  We will audit your current IT infrastructure and network and firewall configuration to determine the current state and if any changes are necessary.  We will then recommend what is needed in order for a solution to be implemented to meet your needs.
    Duration:  1 day
  • Prepare existing Infrastructure
    Impossible to say without the audit, but changes may include domain configuration; IP range changes; Internet link upgrade; Internet router upgrade; Backup links implemented; Firewall upgraded.  We will be able to give a better idea of what is required after the Design meeting above. 
    Expected duration:  0-3 days max (probably 1 day in most cases)
  • Option1: Implement simple VPN
    Implement a simple remote site VPN to allow users to work on a remote site, with no infrastructure required.  Typically small office of 5 users with only a printer, but needing access to everything.
    Duration:  1 day per site
  • Option2: Implement remote site
    Implement a remote site, with own server providing file/print/domain services.  Fault tolerant so able to work if server fails.  Backups etc minimised and all simply managed by head office. 
    Duration:  3 days (+ 1 day at central site)

Other options will depend on your requirements.

The lead time of these projects may be longer than expected as VPN projects are reliant on Internet Service Providers provisioning network links and their routers.  We can work with you to ensure you get what you need out of the ISPs