Why Cover is important

Many companies rely on a small internal IT team, either a single person, or a small team of junior/trainees with a qualified team leader.  When this main person goes on holiday or is off sick, then the company can struggle to maintain its IT support.

This can mean the inability to resolve issues and hence cause real business productivity pain, and even potential downtime and outages if there is a more serious problem.

A lot of the time the business relies on the goodwill of the person away to continue to support from afar which is not ideal for either party.

What we can offer

We can offer ourselves to cover for your main IT person, to both allow them to have a more relaxing vacation and to allow the business management to relax knowing they still have qualified and experienced IT support on site.  We aim to provide a seamless temporary transition so your user community get the same level of support they are used to.

We can offer both planned holiday support where we can learn your systems briefly in advance, or unplanned support when there is an urgent need for covering personnel off sick.  Our cover can be covering the full period on site, or a couple of days a week with on-call, or whatever you require.

Due to our large experience of different companies we are able to learn and support new systems quite rapidly which allows us to be confident in covering your regular IT person.

For unplanned temporary cover, e.g. sickness, we may require occasional contact with the person we are covering to ensure we maintain consistency wherever possible.  However we can minimise contact and ensure we filter everything possible from the user community.

If we are required to cover an IT person who will not be returning, then we are able to hit the ground running and learn and support the existing systems with no contact whatsoever.  In this instance where existing processes are not known we may, whilst working with you, introduce our best practice support procedures which we can readily hand over to your next full time IT person.

Other Benefits

Once we have helped you out once, you can be confident that our knowledge of your systems is available at any time should you need it if your existing person needs covering for any other reason.

If requested, during or post our stay we are happy to advise on any underlying issues we may notice, or highlight any changes we think may help you out in the future. 

If your IT person is not going to return, we can happily help with recruitment and interviewing as well as handover our leaned knowledge of your systems.

Typical Project Duration

Project duration will change depending on your business requirements and the current setup, and how long you want us to cover. 

  • Initial Handover: Planned handover of systems
    For planned cover, we would ideally have time with your existing IT guy to understand your systems and user community, with your specific methodologies, to ensure consistent support. 
    Duration: 1-2 days  (1 day for most simple companies)
  • Cover Period
    We are happy to cover any period as necessary and depending on your requirements
    Duration:  As required by you 
  • Handover back
    Once your IT person returns it may be necessary or wanted to have a return handover so that they are aware of the events in their absence
    Duration:  0-1 day depending on time of absence.