Why Domain Builds are Important

Windows Domains are the core part of any Windows network and it sets the foundations for the functioning and easy running going forward.  In some circumstances, with only basic requirements, you do not require a domain for <10 users.

Setting up a domain is trivial and anyone can do it with a few clicks and as such many have been set up by inexperienced IT people or without much forethought.

Setting up a domain correctly, to a high standard, and with all the necessary configuration tools and tricks to make it work on an ongoing basis takes a bit more time but ensures ongoing usage and management is trivial.

What we can offer

We can set up a domain afresh, migrate from workgroup scenarios, or indeed tune your existing domain to ensure it is configured to a high standard.

Domain configuration includes Domain Name Resolution (DNS) structure; Client Network Configuration (DHCP); defining AD Sites; Security groups; naming standards; Group Policy; and also implementing clever tools to allow simpler user management and controls.

Our approach ensures the designs are suitable for numerous current or future remote sites; fault tolerance as required; and simple role-based security for users. 

Other Benefits

With our design methodologies we can simply start to manage clients and users based on rules, such as automatically applying different policies to laptops and desktops; users in Sales or Management; or indeed any combination. 

Our security can be as granular as you wish and ensures data can be accessed as per your business requirements and that secure data (e.g. HR or Management) cannot be accessed by all.

This can be defined in the design such that a new user just needs to be created and given a role, and then all the configuration is applied without any further input from anyone technical.

We can design in fault tolerance as per business requirements, such that server failure (even on remote sites) do not have adverse business impact.

Our own toolsets and scripts can be implemented to allow user and PC tracking; Wake-on-Lan by username and PC name; Auto configuration of applications etc.

With a fully working domain, other systems such as Client Operating System Deployment, Software Deployment and Updates and even Systems Management systems become much simpler and much more beneficial.

Typical Project Duration

Project duration will change depending on your business requirements and the current setup.  The below is just a guide.  Though we are able to undertake migrations during working hours with minimal user impact, all work can be undertaken at weekends and out of hours if necessary.

  • Review and Report:  Review of current setup and produce report
    We will review your current IT setup and will produce a report understandable to management and IT which will highlight what changes are required to bring your environment to a high standard – including any necessary hardware purchases
    Duration: 1-3 days
  • Migration from Workgroup
    We can migrate your current Workgroup setup to a full domain, ensure data and functionality comes across, and migrate clients to connect to the new domain without hassles.
    Duration:  4-5+ days depending on size and complexity. 
  • Migration from existing Domain
    If you have an existing but poorly designed domain and wish to start again, we can create a new domain to our high standards and migrate data and users as required
    Duration:  4-10+ days depending on complexity; number of users etc
  • Creation of new Domain
    Create a new domain to our standards, and provide documentation and procedures for connecting clients
    Duration: 3-5 days in most cases; longer for complex multi-site setups

Typically you will require (or want) to use new hardware for the domain server(s), and you will need a Windows Server license.  In addition, any clients you need to connect to the domain should be Professional, Business, Enterprise or Ultimate versions.  (We can make the other versions work with greatly reduced functionality which is not recommended).