To celebrate the new Business versions of Office 365 released on 1 October 2014, we are offering an *unprecedented* cashback offer to new customers who makes us their tenancy partner in October 2014, and buys any new licenses.  Many of our existing customers will make substantial savings going forward with these new offerings.

In order to ensure we can give all participants individual attention, this offer is strictly limited and can be withdrawn at any time.

Cashback Available

Cashback amount (after we are made your tenancy partner):-

  • Sales cashback of 8% on any new licenses bought (That is 8% of annual amount excl VAT – e.g. 10x Office 365 Business Premium @ £7.80/u/m = £936 annual premium to Microsoft, one-off cashback = £74.88).  These licenses also qualify for the ongoing cashback below.
  • Ongoing 2% on any new or existing licenses pro-rata monthly.  (e.g. 10x Office 365 Business Premium @ £7.80/u/m = £936 annual premium to Microsoft, cashback per year (2%) = £18.72)

We hope that anyone applying for cashback, especially local companies, will consider our company for any IT projects they are considering including Office 365 migration. This is not mandatory, the cashback is open to everyone.

Points to note

  • You must make us your tenancy partner for any license you have.
    • This does NOT cost you any more
    • This does NOT change how you pay Microsoft
    • This does NOT give us any access to your systems
    • Our name (PQ Services) will appear as your partner on your monthly bill from Microsoft
    • If you have an existing partner,  check its okay to change to us before you do – as you may have software licenses given to you by your current partner; or you may have an ongoing contract with the current partner
  • We will communicate with you personally to keep you up to date, and would expect to be in touch:-
    • Within three days:  Confirm we have been made partner
    • Within two weeks:  Confirm the license count we see
    • Within six weeks:  Confirm the anticipated cashback amount
    • Within two months:  Confirm anticipated payment date(s)
    • Within four months:  Make cashback payment.
  • You can remove us as your partner at any time.
  • Cashback is not quick – after purchase of license, Microsoft takes time to validate it, and takes a while to pay us.  For new customers there is an extra delay.
  • Existing customers, and new customers we provide help or support to are not eligible for cashback, as the cashback subsidises our consultancy rates to you.

Terms and Conditions

We try and keep these as simple as possible, and will respond to any question/query in a timely fashion.

  • If Microsoft change their payment percentages; refuse payment; or for whatever reason do not pay the expected commission to us then we cannot pass on the commission to you.  We pay cashback based on what Microsoft pay us.  Their figures and payments to us are final.  Under no circumstances will the cashback amount to you exceed the amount paid to us by Microsoft for commission related to your tenancy.
  • For new customers, the first cashback is expected to be paid within 4 months.
  • Ongoing cashback will be paid every 6 months.
  • Cashback will only be paid if the amount is > £20.  Any less will accumulate.
  • For cashback payments made to individuals:  You will need to sign a declaration that you will declare all cashback payments to HMRC as untaxed earnings.  Payments will be made via Paypal.
  • For cashback payments to businesses:  We will confirm the cashback amount and due date and you will need to send us an invoice for the cashback amount which we will settle. Payments will be made via BACS
  • You can remove us as partner at any time.  Any cashback over £20 will be paid on the next due date, any less than £20 will be forfeit.
  • You must complete and sign the cashback application form, and confirm you are in a position of authority regarding your Office 365 environment and permitted to select your Partner

How to proceed….

  1. Feel free to ask us any questions by emailing – we want to ensure you are happy with the anticipated cashback amounts and timing before you apply.
  2. Download, print, complete and sign the application form – Download from HERE
  3. Scan or photograph the form and send to us
  4. We will then confirm receipt, and give details on how to make us your tenancy partner
  5. You then make us your partner (that’s all you need to do)  See HERE for how-to guide
  6. We will confirm the partnership is registered.
  7. We will keep you up to date with progress and make payments as per above

Any questions, please do ask, and we hope you will enjoy this cashback offer!