Typical Large Size Businesses

We understand all businesses are unique and there is no one-solution-fits-all answer.  However, we frequently find the following:

Large sized businesses are tending to have more established IT systems that have been in place for a while, and have an IT support person in place who keeps things running.  Frequently, the IT support person has grown with the business and may not have experience to implement complicated projects or to improve the strategy and running of the IT function.

Typically, IT may be seen as being slow, unreliable, and unresponsive and as such can be a business headache; or the Business lacks trust in someone to implement their required project.

PQ Services are experienced in support structures and projects within large companies, and we can offer you the necessary support and skills to get your systems and IT function into a state suitable for you and your future plans. 

How we can help

See our project list on the upper-right menu, but for companies of your size we can add value by:

  • Working with your exsiting IT guy to improve his skills; resolve outstanding issues; and to put simple processes and controls in place to make his life easier whilst improving his service and make IT more responsive and flexible to the business
  • Implement and migrate to Office 365 to replace existing expensive in-house or outdated systems to make your business more flexible.
  • Provide holiday and sickness cover for your IT Manager or IT Support person to ensure your user community and business productivity are unaffected in their absence.
  • Implement a deployment and update solution so your IT guy can support the business, not run around manually installing things on computers
  • Implement an Operating System Deployment systemso PCs can be built to a high standard allowing your IT guy to spend his time supporting the business, not doing trivial installation tasks
  • Audit your Backup and Recovery plan to ensure your business is protected in the event of computer/server failure or indeed full site loss.
  • Design your network to allow additional or remote sites to be connected and integrated as required.
  • Implement proactive systems monitoring and management to allow IT to be aware of issues as soon as they occur and thus minimise business impact.
  • Provide advice and work with you to ensure your infrastructure is the most suitable available for your budget and requirements, and ensure it is configured and tuned in a way that meets your business needs.  Anyone can install a server network. Installing it well so that it can be forgotten about allowing you to focus on your business is the more difficult part
  • Finally, work with you to allow you to run your business and not worry about your IT systems holding you back or being unreliable.  You are expert in your business field.  We are expert in making IT systems work for you.