With a large variety of Business Support Companies around, what makes PQ Services so different?  And why should you consider us over other companies?

Highly Qualified and Genuine Experience

We only offer you services that we are highly qualified in or have excellent experience with, and are confident we can exceed your expectations in.  Please see our specific CVs for our details.

Charge Fairly

We will always charge fairly for our work, and in most cases will be cheaper than estimate as we always try and beat our estimates rather than maximise our revenue. 

Unlike many companies, we will not offer to sell you items or equipment as no small company can complete with the huge box shifters that are available on line.  We will however, advise you what to buy and where you could buy it from, such that you get the best price without us acting as a middle man taking a cut.

Work for YOUR Benefit – No Ties

During our support services, we always work for your benefit – not ours.  This means that we would prefer to fix the underlying issues you have and then never be required again, rather than cover them up and have repeat business fixing niggling ongoing problems. 

We will ensure projects are completed to such a high standard that ongoing support is not normally required.  You will only want to call us again for your next project.

We are also happy to hand over all knowledge to another party as requried, and indeed happy to make ourselves redundant as required.