We have a number of customers who are happy to speak directly to our future customers.  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the most relevent contact.

Some quotes from our customers include:-

You’ll be pleased to hear everything is running smoothly here! Once again thanks for your work on this project – I know you’ve put a lot more in than the hours you’ve billed and that has made it all go very smoothly and means we have an excellent system in place now.

— Actual client comment, used with permission.

I just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic job you’ve done on our IT Infrastructure – everything was carried out in a very professional and well thought out way and it was great to have somebody so knowledgable and diligent around

— Actual client comment, used with permission, Nick

All still working well. Rob has been away for two weeks on hols and no problems so that has been an excellent test of how sturdy and straightforward the system is. So well pleased with how it has all worked out.

— Actual client comment, used with permission, Nick

I really appreciate you coming in yesterday and helping out with the line. An excellent job well done as ever

— Actual client comment, used with permission, Nick

We’re really pleased with the whole setup over there in NYC now and, despite there being a few teething problems and a few issues with suppliers, think overall we came out with exactly the setup we wanted, largely due to the expertise you brought to the project. It bodes well for the things we plan to do next year to beef up our infrastructure.

— Actual client comment, used with permission, Mike