About PQ Services

PQ Services was established in 2008 by Ryan Jones who has 20 years solid IT experience across multiple industries  He created PQ Services to enable the skills learned in the large corporate world to be applied successfully to smaller non enterprise size companies.

Our mission:  To allow non-Enterprise scale businesses to benefit from our experience of implementing quality corporate systems and projects and thus have better performing reliable systems suitable for their unique business than they could otherwise affordably attain.

Core business factors:

  • We will always discuss project opportunities openly and honestly and ensure any project is right for your company, even if this means we aren’t needed.
  • We will only undertake projects where we are able to provide a quality final product.
  • We will ensure any work we undertake is documented sufficiently, and if requested hand over and train a third party.  We will never hoard information to make ourselves indispensable.
  • We will ensure any work we undertake is as robust and as self managing as possible, and as such it will minimise future maintenance.  We will never deliberately leave a system such that our regular presence is required.
  • We will work to minimise your costs, not maximise our profit

About Ryan Jones

A full CV is available on request.

Ryan left full time work in 2008 to establish PQ Services to provide Professional and Quality support services to businesses.

Previous full time employment has included:-

  • IT Manager within a large technical consulting firm, providing leading edge internal IT systems for systems deployment, systems management and automation.
  • Head of IT for an international Biotech firm, where system reliability, controls, processes and standards were critical.
  • IT Manager within a subsidiary of a FTSE100 consumer goods company, implementing leading edge, reliable and cost effective systems

All roles included technical hands-on project implementation and training team members. 


Typical Customers

We do not have a typical customer in either size of business field.  We are able to provide project support to a large range of customers.  Due to our experience we are able to understand each business’ unique needs.

Our customers currently range from small 5-10 user companies where we provide basic user support and problem resolution; through to 150+ user international London City based companies where we have implemented their entire infrastructure, including basic domain design, systems management, deployment and VPN networking and remote sites.